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About the company In front of the workshop


DagOls Design

address: Solövägen 28, 185 41 Vaxholm, Sweden

phone: +46 70 5561963

VAT registration: SE590105405501



DagOls Design, who runs this webshop, is a small swedish company, owned and run by me, Dag Olsson Tegelmark. I started the company 2001, working with product development, furniture development, a little production, but also cunsultant for universities and wood industry in various development projects. I am a Master of Science in Forestry and have done reseach work about wood properties and silviculture. Later, I built up my development skills with an Inventors education and also worked with designs projects, e.g. for small enterprises in the wood industry.


I started with wall seats back in 2002, wich now have been developed to what you can see in the webshop. Nowdays I have my own little workshop, just enough for my small scale handicraft production. I have been selling my products on the internet since then, but only in Sweden. This webshop started up 2011, to see if people in my neiboring countries could be interested in my work.




All production is carried out in small series in the workshop, and I do all the work myself. I am very carfull with all the material to be of high standard, often from large wellknown suppliers, but sometimes from smaller companies that can offer better quality.


The production is mainly carried out by sawing and forming the seat and other wooden parts. The seats are sanded perfectly round and the soft edge is formed. When all parts are cut and formed to the right dimensions, the recesses are cut out and holes are drilled from exact templates. The following sanding is the most timeconsuming work, done in steps with finer and finer paper till the surfaces are perfectly soft and smoth without visible scrathes. After sanding, all wooden parts are to be oiled with three layers of a deep penetrating mixture of linseed and tung oil. The oil is first aloud to penetrate the wood for a while until redundant oil is wiped off. The oil is then aloud to dry and harden for 4-8 hours before the procedure is repeated. After another 4-8 hours the oiling procerude is repeted for the last time. The result is a silky, reppelent and stong surface where you still get the good feeling of natural wood with all its beautiful shift in the light.


Before the seats can be put together, there are the round bars in stain less steel to be fixed. They are cut, drilled and bent to fit exacly. Even some of the hinges are processed before they can fit in the seat. When putting the wall seats together, thoroughlydesigned templates must be used, to ensure the wall seats to perform correcly when folding them up and down.


It is allway very satisfactory to finally be able to approve a wall seat after control of it´s function and finish. Finally, all there is to do is to pack the wall seat and hope that someone will buy it for their hallway, or wherever they want to place it. We have two of them ourselves in our own little hallway, so its lucky that they virtually take no room at all when folded up.


To develop a new wall seat


I develop and design all products myself. My standards corcerning fuction and quality are high, so I always try to improve my products. I wouldn´t make or sell something that I didn´t want to have myself. From a production point of view it is very anoying with changes, even small ones, but when I find something to improve, it is more or less inevitable that it will be introduced in the seats, probably in the next batch. For this reason the wall seat that you get in your hand might alter in some detail from the images in the webshop, although I try to replace the images when a visable change is made. I do care for my products to be beautiful, appealing and allways to function well.


The function in my products is something that I put a lot of thoughts and effort in. To make a new model , or changes of a model, therefore includes a lot of testing, controlling and alterations. Things rarely tend to work right away as they are intended to. When a model is finally ready for production, templates and sometimes new tools must be made, to ensure that all pieces will be correct. And mostly, the templates must be adjusted a number of times before all the pieces produced function correctly in the furnitures. This is especially tricky in the foldable furnitures. So it´s really a lot of work before a new model can be introduced.

You can find my swedish site at with more pictures of the products.